2021 Q4

  1. Chief Scientific Officer presented at CTAD 2021 FDA breakthrough software medical device that could transform Alzheimer’s space
  2. CEO honored among 25 top women leaders in biotech
  3. Launched Medscape content partnership

2021 Q3

  1. – Chief Medical and Technology Officer presented to neurology community at ANA2021 about technology in development to address dementia and MCI
  2. Darmiyan recognized as UCSF Award finalist – hospital diagnostics category
  3. Mounted brain health content series with GetSetup adult learning platform featuring Chief Medical and Technology Officer, yielding record registration levels

2021 Q1

Darmiyan developed a suite of cutting-edge, novel tools for clinics and clinical trials

2020 Q4

Darmiyan presented validation results in CTAD 2020

2020 Q2 & Q3

  1. Darmiyan CEO was selected by Fortune 40 under 40
  2. Darmiyan’s core technology, BrainSee, was blind-tested and validated by independent third-party investigators in the US and Canada. See press release here.

2020 Q1

  1. – Pharma giant Eisai led a $6M round in Darmiyan
  2. US patent was published

2019 Q4

  1. Blind testing validation results are published in BioRxiv, and established ~ 90% accuracy in the diagnosis of MCI and AD and 5-year prognosis of MCI
  2. Started POC study with Banner Alzheimer’s Institute, focused on early detection of AD at preclinical (presymptomatic) stage
  3. Presented at CTAD (Clinical Trials on Alzheimer’s Disease) 2019 conference, San Diego
  4. Presented at Washington Longevity Summit, Washington DC
  5. Press room in Washington DC

2019 Q3

  1. – Released BrainSee version 1.0
  2. Tested the product on 3170 brain scans (Normal, MCI, AD) and 411 longitudinal MCI cases with 5-year follow up
  3. Signed partnership with Mary Furlong & Associates
  4.  Podcast with Dr. Allison Sekuler, Mary Furlong and Darmiyan CTO Dr. Kaveh Vejdani  recorded in UC Berkeley 
  5. Patents filed in Europe and Asia

2019 Q2

  1. – Developed a fully automated pipeline for image processing and data analysis
  2. Featured article, Alzheimer’s disease noise or signal, in response to Bill Gates

2019 Q1

  1. – Met with FDA in Washington to discuss regulatory strategy
  2. Partnership signed with CABHI (Center for Aging and Brain Health Innovation) partner sites Baycrest Institute, University Health Network (UHN) and Hamilton Health Sciences
  3. Rresented at CABHI’s What’s Next Canada meeting in Toronto and won the 2019 CABHI Innovation Award
  4. Toronto office was opened to explore business development opportunities in Canada

2018 Q4

  1. – Presented at TEDMED Hive, Palm Springs, CA
  2. FDA Q-sub (pre-submission) application sent

2018 Q3

  1. Panelist at MedTech Conference, Neurotechnology section, Philadelphia, PA
  2. Moved to a new office space in downtown San Francisco, CA

2018 Q2

  1. – Won a CABHI Industry Innovation (I2P2) award for CAN $500K
  2.  PCT patents filed and US patent application was fast-tracked – Finalist for AI for Good $500K prize
  3. Signed partnership agreement with Boston University

2018 Q1

  1. Image analysis and machine learning pipelines designed and developed
  2. Signed partnership agreement with Banner Alzheimer’s Institute

2017 Q4

  1. Graduated from SkyDeck UC Berkeley
  2. Moved to new office space in Emeryville, CA, team expanded to 6 FTE
  3.  Non-provisional US patent filed

2017 Q3

  1. Graduated from Y-Combinator program 
  2. Raised seed financing
  3. VentureBeat news published 
  4. Hacker News article released 
  5. WSGR engaged as IP legal counsel

2017 Q1

  1. Product designed and strategy identified 
  2. Prototype developed and got preliminary results


  1. Paul Hastings LLP engaged as legal counsel
  2. Incorporated in Delaware (Sep)
  3. Registered in California and raised pre-seed financing

Media & key events


Incorporated in September