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Announcement: Third-party validation of Darmiyan’s technology by multiple clinical sites in the US and Canada


Early detection & monitoring of

Alzheimer’s disease

through BrainSeeTM
The Virtual Microscope

A Nobel Laureate approved technology

Darmiyan is developing a commercial diagnostic software platform for the early detection, monitoring and stratification of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and other neurodegenerative disorders through an innovative magnetic resonance (MR) image analysis technology. Based on over 40 years of cutting-edge brain research, our technology can precisely quantify and detect changes in brain tissue at the cellular level in every voxel (3D pixel) of a brain MRI scan.


Our novel solution, BrainSeeTM, is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. Doctors provide standard clinical brain MRI scans (T1, T2 FLAIR, and DWI/DTI), and BrainSee analyzes the scans in a few hours and provides detailed brain maps with exact quantification of neurodegeneration in each voxel, as well as a summary score that reflects the person’s brain health and the likelihood of future cognitive decline.

Why use BrainSee instead of PET or CSF biomarkers?  
Unlike MRI machines, PET (positron emission tomography) scanners are not widely available around the world. Performing an amyloid PET scan requires injection of a very expensive radioactive tracer and involves X-Ray radiation similar to a CT (computed tomography) scan. Moreover, amyloid-beta protein is a non-specific biomarker and not very accurate in determining the prognosis of MCI. CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) sampling requires lumbar puncture, an invasive and very inconvenient procedure. Unlike PET or CSF, Darmiyan’s BrainSee solution is non-invasive, convenient, accurate, affordable, globally available, and scalable.

Non-invasiveConvenientAccurateAffordableGlobally AvailableScalable

See blind testing validation results in our white paper here

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Podcast: Riches and Niches of Cognitive Health

Featuring: Dr. Kaveh Vejdani, Chief medical and technology officer at Darmiyan, Mary Furlong from Mary Furlong and Associates. Hosted and moderated by Dr. Allison Sekuler from Baycrest/CABHI

Podcast: Evolving past Alzheimer’s

Featuring: Dr. Kaveh Vejdani, Chief medical and technology officer at Darmiyan. Hosted by Dr. Nate Bergman from Kemper Cognitive Wellness


Padideh Kamali-Zare, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
& Founder

Pavan Krishnamurthy, PhD
Head of Operations

Kaveh Vejdani, MD
Chief Medical & Technology Officer
& Co-founder

Elham Khosravi, PhD
Head of Analytics and Innovation

Thomas Liebmann, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer
& Co-founder

Hesaam Esfandyarpour, PhD

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