About us

We are a team of neuroscientists, data scientists, visionary healthcare experts and business people focused on impacting the lives of millions of people around the world who suffer from brain diseases. We decode the mysterious world of the brain through high-standard, neuroscience-powered AI methods to measure and monitor changes that happen in our brain tissue architecture in response to our environment, food, activities, mindset, and medications. Such powerful tools that give insights into our individual brains are currently missing. Darmiyan team and technology strive to open a new window into the human brain. We intend to improve the entire brain health paradigm for patients, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies and others advancing health and wellness.


Our mission is to leverage AI and 40 years of cutting edge neuroscience research to address the biggest healthcare challenge of our time: detecting neurodegenerative disease at early stages when treatments matter. At Darmiyan we aim to provide an a la carte menu of brain tests, starting with an Alzheimer’s test. All our tests and technology are formed with standards of excellence including the 4 pillars: high accuracy, non-invasiveness, seamless integration, and high accessibility around the world. 

Our first target is dementia. Our goal is to help prevent or postpone it through:

  • Early detection of Alzheimer’s disease
  • Monitoring patient-specific response to interventions
  • Using data to advance drug development for Alzheimer’s disease
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Based on over 40 years of cutting-edge brain research, our proprietary, patented technology can precisely quantify and detect changes in brain tissue at the cellular level in every voxel (3D pixel) of a brain MRI scan. 

Such powerful technology enables developing and commercializing  variety of brain tests and diagnostic tools that accurately and non-invasively resolve the human brain and reveal its secrets. This will hugely impact both diagnostic & therapeutic spaces and advance brain health for all.   


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